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NRT Facility Service AS
Raypath International

Biodegradable and safe

Because we care for your health and for the environment.

Recycling system

We have introduced a system of replacing used cleaning materials with new ones for half of the price.

Eco Product

Capture the Nature

Raypath International Logo

We are glad that you are taking a step towards success and that you are joining our Business Partners' group!
Congratulations on your great decision, and you are on the best way to the top. From the very beginning of your journey with RAYPATH INTERNATIONAL, attractive welcome discounts and permanent discounts await for you, thanks to which using a wide range of our products will become pure joy!  

With Raypath International, you will automatically have already made own online shop and authorized to sale their products world wide, as well for your own use.



Raypath International creates a modern, safe, high-quality products , and also gives you the opportunity to join the global Raypath International community. 

Their offer includes primarily innovative cleaning products that have been developed with respect for nature. Raypath cloths work perfectly with just water, which has a neutral effect on our health. 

Raypath International also offers a unique opportunity to join the multi-level marketing industry by recommending and selling unique products created in Poland. Join Raypath International`s global community of people who value direct selling and care about the environment. Together with us, start building your business, earn money and travel the world. 

Have you heard about Raypath International recycling system?

If you have used cleaning equipment, send them back to Raypath and you will get new ones for half the price! In the next step, they will be processed so as not to be a burden for the natural environment. 

Raypath products are manufactured with the highest diligence, in accordance with Polish and European standards. 

  • Having 18 months guarantee on all cleaning equipment 

  • Just cleaning only with water 

  • Eco friendly 

  • Recycling system. Return your old used cleaning equipment after 18 months and purchase new on 50% discount

View our products and place your order.

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